How knowyourcapital. Com help you in finance


You can check your financial position before making any decisions like taking new loan or buying a car .

By using our service you will learn about finance you have clear vision of your financial position and whether your decision is according to your financial position or not .

How to check your financial ?

Financial can check by application of various mathematical formula and basic financial fundamental rules .By using financial ratios ,financial equation and various concept of finance you can check your financial data

How i check my financial ?

You can join our premium membership to check your financial .There are other methods also .You understand various equation and use any computation tool like Excel ,Calculators .

What is difference between accounting of record and financial data checking ?

Accounting is done to record all your transaction so you will get full information about your Profit or loss during a year and Balance sheet of your showing your financial at end year.While financial analysis is done to check your decision making and its effect on your financial .Moreover financial analysis is done to show what is your financial position and what you should do to improve ,maintain your financial wealth .

Whether accounting record is necessary to analyze my financial ?

We can say better you maintain accounting record .But even without accounting record you can apply various analysis of data and financial function .Only you require is your financial data like Expenses bill,Asset Record,Income Record,Tax detail.
With help of various financial data we are able to do various analysis and provide you various financial information that will help you in decision making.We also do historical analysis of data so you can check after various decision made.

What are equation you are using ?

We are using various equation .Once you join membership you will get more than 100 equation and formulas to improve your financial health .You will also get how to apply this formula in different situation.
We built helping tool so you will learn and apply and get skilled in finance .We are improving our tool every time we find something new financial .
We use various fundamental ,expert equation.We are developing our own model to check and analysis of various financial data .

Which tool or Skill i need to use Know your ?

We are building our service keep in mind financial as well as non financial customer .So you do not require any special skill or tool to use our service .Just you need interest in your finance.You need data to apply in our service.

What if i do not find any data equation which i would like to analysis in finance ?

As finance is vary complex and large field we love to hear form you .You will mail us and if we find suitable we will add equation in our service .