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Income and expenses are most important parts of your daily life .Most of us do many things like working for extra hours and doing some other work to increase our income .

We also increase our skill and learning to increase our income .

We also like to save money for better quality of life and better future .

We should make expenses as per our need and not as per our income.

Many time it happens that many people who earn more have less saving due to their habit of making expenses more than their income.

Expenses should be made on productivity and self satisfactory purpose

Use our tools for better understanding of your finance an easy and cool way .

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To achieve healthy Financial life one must document every financial expenses ,asset and expenses and income properly.

By documentation of every income and expenses as well as asset and liability properly one able to understand financial position

Financial document should be safe and secure and also have a duplicate copy for reference purpose.

Bank statement,Asset purchase agreement.loan statement,are various type of documents

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For financial planning we should always consider what are long term goal to achieve by various financial resources.

Without proper plan and objectives various financial resources remain ideal and monetary as well as non monetary objectives and not achieved.

Short term need should be plan as per long term need .

Every long term objectives should be clear and achievable without too much worry .

Having big financial object also requires big financial income and also bigger management.

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