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Habit is part of the transformation process of change in financial personality.

Changing habits is the first step to changing your personality type

After all, your financial position and financial personality depend upon various habits, whether financial or nonfinancial.

Changing habits is the first key to financial and personal achievement.

Understand various habits that affect your finances, avoid bad habits, and grow good habits.

Chaing habit requires lots of effort, whether related to finance or not.

Join us in the journey of change.

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emI management

equated Monthly Installment Management

How to Manage an EMI?

EMI is an essential financial service used by us for various purposes, whether buying a mobile phone or house property or buying vehicles…

EMI management is an essential task for managing your expenses and income.

EMI should not be more than your income.

EMI includes interest components. So many times, we are paying interest costs for the early purchase of goods and services using EMI instead of buying goods and services after saving money for such goods and services.

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Many people have little financial awareness about various financial planning tools and important of income and expenses planning.

Many times we do plan for our finance verbally and not with proper documentation.Documentation of planning motivates us for achieving various goals and also have map for achieving our objectives.

Use our various tools for your financial planning.Be more aware about your finance and be more active in education about finance.

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Fund for difficult time


Financial position is challenging to predict and depends upon lots of factors. People often make a significant investment and buy considerable assets without creating EMERGENCY funds or reserves. When an emergency arises, people get confused about whether to break an investment or sell assets in a difficult time.

The basic rule is that first we should keep some money in bank saving account for any emergency and after that,, you should make an investment or buy some asset.

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