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financial planning need balance between your loan amount and asset you have .By taking more loan than asset is always have more risk.

loan amount should be moderate and also considering your income and not asset alone.

People taking loan on asset without counting interest payable and income they earned .Loan on asset should be as per your income and your capacity of paying interest .


Maintain personal financial wealth is more important to have good peace of mind.People who have good financial health have good quality of life.

Basic rule of finance is earn more and spend less and create more saving and investment to have better financial resource available for completing various wishes

Creating Wealth with saving and better investments is easy and time taking task.

People often ignore financial data while wishing things .After various experience they realize importance of checking various financial need and goal and effect of unplanned financial goal .


To achieve healthy Financial life one must document every financial expenses ,asset and expenses and income properly.

By documentation of every income and expenses as well as asset and liability properly one able to understand financial position

Financial document should be safe and secure and also have a duplicate copy for reference purpose.

Bank statement,Asset purchase agreement.loan statement,are various type of documents

emI management

equated Monthly Installment Management

How to Manage an EMI ?

EMI is basic financial services use by us for various purposes whether buying a mobile phone or buying house property or buying vehicles…

EMI management is important task for managing your expenses and income.

EMI should not be more than your income .

EMI includes interest components.So many times we are paying interest cost for early purchase of goods and service using EMI instead of buying goods and services after saving money for such goods and services


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