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Budget calculations is one of most important things to do for managing your personal finance.

Preparing yearly monthly and daily budget before making any big or medium financial decisions is good habit .

While preparing budget is tedious and time taking work but by doing so you can easily make priorities of your goal and allocate financial resources for that .

Without budget you are not able to know from where money come and what are our priorities.

We can’t ignore our basic financial need like food ,water and medicine and various tax and insurance responsibilities while preparing budget

Credit Card Management

We are using credit card frequently.We use for shopping,buying various services ,pay our electricity bill and even use for payment to various services providers

Join our membership to help you to manage expenses of credit card whether it is highly use or you are using it proper way.

emI management

equated Monthly Installment Management

How to Manage an EMI ?

EMI is basic financial services use by us for various purposes whether buying a mobile phone or buying house property or buying vehicles…

EMI management is important task for managing your expenses and income.

EMI should not be more than your income .

EMI includes interest components.So many times we are paying interest cost for early purchase of goods and service using EMI instead of buying goods and services after saving money for such goods and services