learn more financial habit


  • Use tax saving investment
  • Pay your tax in time
  • Calculate your tax liability in advance
  • Document every transaction having an effect on your tax
  • File your return in time
  • Make Tax Saving Investment
  • Understand various tax planning and document tax planning time to time
  • Tax planning is part of financial planning which require regular follow up.
  • Make tax reserve for tax payment
  • Avoid interest on tax by paying tax time to time.

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Credit Card Management

We are using credit card frequently.We use for shopping,buying various services ,pay our electricity bill and even use for payment to various services providers

Join our membership to help you to manage expenses of credit card whether it is highly use or you are using it proper way.

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People may often take personal Debt for various purposes.

Many times people take too much Debt and fall into the Cycle of Debt.

Repaying Debt and removing the interest burden is difficult. As we know that earning sources are limited. Most of the income earned is gone to Repay Debt, and no amount is left for saving.

The best advice to control your Debt is to maintain moderate Debt compared to your income level. By taking more Debt even if you can complete your wishes, .later on it, the interest burden removes the joy of goods and services you enjoyed by taking more Debt.

So if you fall into a more Debt income cycle. The best thing you can do is

  • convert your high interest debt into low interest debt
  • reduce your expenses.
  • reduce investment
  • increase income earning source.
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