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Fund for difficult time


Financial position is challenging to predict and depends upon lots of factors. People often make a significant investment and buy considerable assets without creating EMERGENCY funds or reserves. When an emergency arises, people get confused about whether to break an investment or sell assets in a difficult time.

The basic rule is that first we should keep some money in bank saving account for any emergency and after that,, you should make an investment or buy some asset.

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Sound or Reasonable quality expenses will give you a better chance of earning in the future and doing good things today rather than give you short-term satisfaction.

Expenses for good food and health will give you more satisfaction and better health.

Likewise, expenses for environmental purposes also give you MENTAL satisfaction.

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Budget calculations is one of most important things to do for managing your personal finance.

Preparing yearly monthly and daily budget before making any big or medium financial decisions is good habit .

While preparing budget is tedious and time taking work but by doing so you can easily make priorities of your goal and allocate financial resources for that .

Without budget you are not able to know from where money come and what are our priorities.

We can’t ignore our basic financial need like food ,water and medicine and various tax and insurance responsibilities while preparing budget

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